Onbux My Own Payment Proof !

Friday, March 18, 2011

I Receive $2 in OnBux. Already Here I Share Paying PTC Sites. My Many Members are Joined In PTC Sites.

But, Some Members are Asking me

* This Sites are Paying Really?
* How this Possible?
* This Sites are Scam?

So, I Decide to Share My Own Payment Proof. 

 Here, I Post OnBux Payment Proof :-    ( See Right Side, Many Payment Proofs Are Available )

( Here I Request My Payment Via PAYPAL. Click the Image to View Big Size )

( I Receive My Onbux Payment. Click the Image to View Big Size )

( I Receive My Onbux Payment, See this Image Where I Receive and When I Receive. Click the Image to View Big Size )

Members I am Happy to Post this Proof. I Know Now all My Members are Joined OnBux!

NOTE : If You Join Onbux you get $2 on Every 50 days. This $2 Amount is Enough? ? ? ? ?  If You Want $15 on Every Month! Join More Best PTC Sites. 


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